Breathe Easy Play Hard Youth Asthma Awareness Night @ New York Rangers, Madison Square Garden

On February 26, 2017 Breathe Easy Play Hard staff (Dr. Janis Schaeffer, Dr. Jason Price, Arlene Pafumi, RN, Pat McKillop, RN and Jaye Seidlin) interacted with junior NY Rangers fans and their families at Madison Square Garden during the NY Rangers v. Columbus Blue Jackets game. Not only did BEPH bring asthma awareness to many young fans, parents and coaches but Dan Girardi, NY Rangers legend and BEPH spokesperson, spoke to the crowd about how asthma has not prevented him from reaching the highest level in his sport. He also discussed the importance of seeing an asthma specialist and getting an individualized asthma treatment game plan so all kids can “breathe easy and play hard.”