Jaye Seidlin, JD., CHC

Jaye Seidlin

Jaye Seidlin, JD., CHC is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health/Wellness Coach and long-time Health and Cancer Advocate. Jaye has been an integral part of Breathe Easy Play Hard from its inception, organizing BEPH events, coordinating outreach, marketing and PR. She is passionate about BEPH’s mission to spread the message that all kids and teens “can win and will win” with asthma by being informed, educated and prepared. As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Jaye provides wellness and mindset coaching for individuals, children & families and corporations in conjunction with renowned physicians. Jaye has lectured and worked with schools and universities, Fortune 500 companies, national eating disorder associations, The Boys & Girls Club and professional sports teams to help people of all ages develop and maintain healthy and happy relationships with their bodies. Jaye works with parents, kids and teens on implementing healthy plans to increase energy, self-esteem and lower anxiety. She has spoken at schools around the country on body image, pursuing your passionate purpose, mindset and mental, physical and emotional wellness.